Chhaya Sharma

Success comes with determination dedication and devotion. If you want to succeed these are the key factors

and thats what I did and thats what I believe in.

Dating back to 1995 when I started Nepal's firstTourism Management College 'Nepal College of Travel and Tourism Management' (NCTTM)  the journey to success has been a roller coaster ride over the years.

Started with five students in the first year, increased to 14 then 22 and so there are approximately 500 students studying in different streams such as BTTM, BHM, MTTM. 

Further to the mainstream TU courses, I have expanded to other areas of skill training in the hospitality and tourism sector which provides immediate employment to the trainees.


To reach  this stage it was not easy. Sleepless nights, anxiety, stress and tension were part of my daily encounter.Days  for paying Salary and house rent was the never ending frequent challenges every month. Facing the embarrassing moments of borrowing from friends and family was the worst situation. 


Many years of hard work with continuous persistence, patience, determination and 'never give up attitude 'was the only path to my success.

I have created a win win situation for all involved: Tourism Industry gets trained human resource; Students get immediate placement; NCTTM has generated employment.

Today from an entrepreneur in the service sector I have made it to Parliament.

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Success story

Shrijani Tuladhar started to work in the field of designing from the year 1983, working in customer service department in Namuna Silai. She got to learn a lot while working in Namuna Silai. She also got a chance to take professional training from Ms. Gyani Shova Tuladhar. Ms.Gyani  taught Shrijani  in details on cutting and designing as well as sewing clothes. She worked in Namuna Silai till 1985.

After that, she was offered to handle a new tailoring shop, "Veshvusha" (branch of Namuna) as co-proprieter by Ms. Gyani Shova Tuladhar. She then started her new journey on handling a boutique solely. She started designing clothes for the customers which was loved by the customers. As a 18 year old girl handling a new shop, she was praised by many people.

While working in Veshvusha, she took part in the fashion show organized by Namuna College of Fashion Technology as a designer. She was also offered to showcase my designs in a fashion showo in Turkey. She took part in the fashion show which took place in Hotel Hillton, Istanbul, organized by Planner Nepal. Her working period in Veshvusha lasted for 15 years.

Then she started her own business. she established her own tailoring shop," Shreejani Fashion Wear & Tailors" at Sukrapath,New-road. The store was established in the year 2000. She has been running the business for 16 years now and she has also faced many ups and downs running the business. Few years back, due to the lack of workers, she started providing training on sewing & cutting to the local women. she, along with two partners started a training center " Divya Silai Kendra". They got to train two groups of women. She also started providing personal training to few women from rural areas so that they could be independent and could contribute to their family income.

She got opportunities to design for various beauty pagents. She was also given chances to design outfits for movies and actors.

From working in a tailoring shop to establishing her own tailoring shop, she has worked very hard to get where she is now. She was highly motivated by people around her which made her want to work harder.