Sharda Rijal

Sharada Rijal (Adhikari)
Sanepa-2, Lalitpur, Nepal
(M) 977-9851027559
(O) 977-1-5551897
(F) 977-1-5530110


Professional Profile
Over 25 years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur. Expertise in areas ranging from business operations to marketing of handicraft and Nepalese garments worldwide.
Key Accomplishments:
Entrepreneur skilled in running start up companies. Has established 3 companies - Milan Garments, United Nepal Felt Industries  and Lalit Handicrafts
Expert knowledge in manufacturing of Nepalese garments and handicraft. Currently exporting her products in countries such as Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Korean, U.K and many more.  
Recognized by clients and colleagues as a professional with a high degree of personal integrity, passion for excellence, and a motivational leader for her employees.
Working for women empowerment since the beginning of her career. Currently employing more than 30 direct and 150 indirect women employees.
Success Story
Ms. Rijal always saw herself as an entrepreneur but coming for a lower middle class family, her journey was not easy. Her father discouraged her to open her own business and thus she started her career as a primary and secondary school teacher. Even after getting married, Ms. Rijal’s desire to do something on her own had not change. She convinced her husband to open her small sewing factory. She started Milan Garments in 1989 with $100, money she took out of her provident fund. With a never giving up attitude, she started her dream business with 3 sewing machines in a single rented room. As money was scared, she worked as a teacher in the day time and focused on her business at evening.
Like any small startup company, Milan Garments had to struggle at first. Ms. Rijal borrowed more money from her husband, relatives and friends and invested into the company. At the same time, she quit her full time teaching profession and devoted her 100% time in her business. After few years of struggle, Ms. Rijal finally got an international client from Switzerland specializing in hats. This contact opened door to new networks and her business started blooming. A major success came when she got a huge international order to supply crazy hats for 1998 FIFA World Cup. She was the only women entrepreneur from Nepal doing so and thus was named the “hat lady” by an international magazine. Later the garment industry in Nepal was struck down by the decade long civil war and political instability in the country. Through one of her old staff she got the idea to diversify her business into felt products. Uncertain of this new field of handicraft, she started this division from her dining table with one only employee. She made the change in the right time and now her business is internationally recognized and gives employment to more than 30 women artisans.
Professional Affiliations
General Secretary, Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal (2014-Till Date )
Founder President, Felt industries Association of Nepal (2006-2012)
President, WEAN Multipurpose Co-operative (2006-2012)
Board Member, Federation of Handicrafts Association of Nepal (2009-2012)
Promoter Member, SAARC  Chamber Crafts Village  
Awards and Honors
Successful Woman Entrepreneur awarded by  Ministry of Industry Nepal ( 2010)
Best Woman Entrepreneur  awarded by The Boss Magazine (2003)

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Success story

Shrijani Tuladhar started to work in the field of designing from the year 1983, working in customer service department in Namuna Silai. She got to learn a lot while working in Namuna Silai. She also got a chance to take professional training from Ms. Gyani Shova Tuladhar. Ms.Gyani  taught Shrijani  in details on cutting and designing as well as sewing clothes. She worked in Namuna Silai till 1985.

After that, she was offered to handle a new tailoring shop, "Veshvusha" (branch of Namuna) as co-proprieter by Ms. Gyani Shova Tuladhar. She then started her new journey on handling a boutique solely. She started designing clothes for the customers which was loved by the customers. As a 18 year old girl handling a new shop, she was praised by many people.

While working in Veshvusha, she took part in the fashion show organized by Namuna College of Fashion Technology as a designer. She was also offered to showcase my designs in a fashion showo in Turkey. She took part in the fashion show which took place in Hotel Hillton, Istanbul, organized by Planner Nepal. Her working period in Veshvusha lasted for 15 years.

Then she started her own business. she established her own tailoring shop," Shreejani Fashion Wear & Tailors" at Sukrapath,New-road. The store was established in the year 2000. She has been running the business for 16 years now and she has also faced many ups and downs running the business. Few years back, due to the lack of workers, she started providing training on sewing & cutting to the local women. she, along with two partners started a training center " Divya Silai Kendra". They got to train two groups of women. She also started providing personal training to few women from rural areas so that they could be independent and could contribute to their family income.

She got opportunities to design for various beauty pagents. She was also given chances to design outfits for movies and actors.

From working in a tailoring shop to establishing her own tailoring shop, she has worked very hard to get where she is now. She was highly motivated by people around her which made her want to work harder.